Discover the best home in the Middle East for your business​

Every successful business must take a long-term view, to achieve their most ambitious goals and fulfil their potential. In a world where change has never been faster, you need a like-minded partner to achieve that.

Qatar offers a stable and resilient economy, located at the gateway between East and West with 2 billion people across more than 25 countries worth $6 trillion in combined GDP all within 3,000 km. We are ranked second in the Arab world for competitiveness and focus on entrepreneurship and have the 4th highest GDP per capita globally.

Combined with award-winning infrastructure, a young and highly educated talent pool, a supportive business environment (Up to 100% foreign ownership, 0% income tax, 10% corporate tax) and an unparalleled lifestyle as the safest country globally with one of the world’s best healthcare systems, Qatar is the best home in the Middle East for your business.

Stable and resilient economy​

In Qatar, we priorities your sustainable growth and success over the long-term, you will enjoy a stable environment with access to capital and steady growth.

Strategically located

Qatar sits in the heart of the Gulf with easy access to the GCC and the wider Middle East, and more than 60% of the world‘s population within eight hours fly-time and five days sailing time.

Qatar in numbers​

Qatar sits on top of vast natural gas reserves and is one of largest exporters globally of liquid natural gas, a fuel that has a key role in the world’s energy supplies as countries transition from coal to cleaner forms of energy like natural gas and renewables. Qatar’s energy reserves and stable political outlook underpin its macroeconomic stability and are helping drive the transformation of the economy under QNV 2030.

projected real GDP growth

USD 54.2 billion

projected trade balance by 2024


nationalities live and work in Qatar

USD 200 billion

government investment in infrastructure


Public-private partnerships for projects in energy, waste disposal, & and healthcare sectors

1 USD = 3.64 QR

Stable currency pegged to the US dollar

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