Refunds and Cancelation policy

1. Purchase of Your Ticket

  • To attend the Event, you must hold a valid Ticket. Unless otherwise specified, each Ticket admits one person only. Your Ticket will be delivered as an e-ticket to the email address provided when you ordered the Ticket. Unauthorized duplication of your Ticket may
    prevent your admittance to the Event. We are not responsible for any inconvenience caused by unauthorized duplication.
  • Subject to payment card verification and security checks, your Ticket is valid as soon as we have received full payment in cleared funds and will expire immediately after the performance of the Event. You must check your Ticket on receipt carefully and contact us immediately if there is a mistake.
  • The passes representing the Tickets have to be worn at all times during the Event. All participants are advised to bring along personal identification, as security checks may be carried out at our discretion.
  • We may prohibit any person from attending the Event for any reason (acting reasonably) and we shall not be liable to provide you with any refund or compensation.

2. Refund and/ or cancelation of Tickets

  • All Ticket(s) cannot be exchanged, canceled, or refunded after purchase unless the Event is canceled or rescheduled.
  • Where the Event is canceled or curtailed because of adverse weather, we shall not be liable to make any refund or pay any compensation.
  • Where an Event is canceled or rescheduled for any reason other than adverse weather, you will be entitled to claim a refund from us in accordance with this Condition. You must bring this to our attention as soon as possible. The refund for a Ticket equals the price received by us for such Ticket.
  • Refunds shall only be made to the original person in our records who purchased the Ticket and, when possible, be made using the same method in our records as was used to purchase the Ticket.




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